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Pick-up from the islands

When you are staying on one of the Islands, Hamilton, Daydream, Long Island or ANY of the other Islands, this page is for you!

MV Mantaray is at home in Airlie Beach and sleeps at Abell Point Marina. This is the starting point of the Mantaray Day Trips, always.

vanWhen you want to join us on Mantaray you need to come to Airlie Beach. Mantaray will LEAVE Abell Point Marina at 8AM latest and will be back in Abell Point Marina at 4:30PM EARLIEST.

We are not able to do pick-ups from any of the Islands.

We are really sorry but there is really no possibility to arrange that. We really wish we could…

Of course we will pick you up from any accommodation in or around Airlie Beach and we even do that FREE OF CHARGE.


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